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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RAS exam Geography Syllabus

Geography  (Code No. 15)
Section 'A' : Fundamentals of Geography :
 (i) Physical Geography
 (ii) Human Geography
 (iii) Economic Geography
 (iv) Cartography & Surveying
Section 'B' ; Geography of the World :
 (i) Land forms; Climates ; Soils; Vegetation and Natural Regions.
 (ii) Population ; Growth and distribution; Races of mankind; Transhumance and
           International migrations.
 (iii) Hunting ; Food gathering, Fishing; Lumbering; Livestock-raising; Agriculture;
  Minerals and Energy resources ; Industries.
 (iv) Regional Study of S.E. Asia, S.W. Asia, Japan, China; U.S.A. & Russia.
Section 'C' : Geography of India :
 (i) Physiography; Climate ; Soils and Vegetation.
 (ii) Fisheries; Forestry; Livestock-raising ; Irrigation and Agriculture.
 (iii) Minerals; Energy Resources and Industries.
 (iv) Population; Human Settlements; Trade and Transportation.
Section 'D': Geography of Rajasthan :
 (i) Physiography; Climate ; Soils, and Vegetation.
 (ii) Fisheries; Forestry; Livestock-raising; Irrigation and Agriculture.
 (iii) Minerals; Energy Resources and Industries
    (iv) Population; Human Settlements and Transportation.

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