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Thursday, March 29, 2012


 History of Modern India and Indian Culture        
+ Current Affairs & General Awareness                                        1. Critically analyze any  two of the following statements with
reference to the context in which they were made ( in about 150
words each )                                                                    2x 15=30
a). “ Our system acts very much like a sponge , drawing up all
the good things from the banks of the Ganges , and squeezing
them down on the banks of the Thames”.
b). “ At the time many British people preferred to see the events
largely as a military mutiny understandably as any  wider
interpretation would have cast doubts on the nature of the Raj”.  
c). “Our time in India is limited and our power to control events
almost gone. We have only prestige and previous momentum to
trade and they will not last long”  
2. Write about the following (in about 50 words each)  
                                                                                       8 x5= 40                                
a) Desai Liyakat Pact  
b) Dyarchy at Center
c) Kalhana
d) Doctrine of lapse
e) Irwin Bill
f) Dharshana Satyagraha  
g) Majm – ul - Baharain
      h).  Janapada Sampada
3. Answer any  two of the following questions (in about 150
words each)                                                                      15×2=30                  
a). “ The 11
 Five Year Plan recognizes that adequate , cost
effective and quality infrastructure is a pre requisite for
sustaining the growth momentum” Elucidate.  
b). Discuss India’s achievement in space programme during
c). Analyze the implications of Nuclear Liability bill, 2010.  
4. Answer any  two of the following questions (in about 150
words each)                                                                      15×2=30                  
a). Until a few years ago news media was referred as the fourth
estate but today the media scene , nevertheless has changed .
b). The Indian Telecom sector is ringing into a new era.
c). At what extent right to free and compulsory education is
feasible in India?  ©VISION IAS                                                              3
5. Answer any  two of the following questions (in about 150
words each)                                                                      15×2=30                                        
a).  Why did Congress accepted partition ?  
b). “Caste movement was a product of the nationalistic
democratic awakening during British period”. Elucidate.
c). What was the struggle truce struggle policy of Mahatma
Gandhi. Bring out its various aspects.  
6. Comment on any two of the following in about 100 words.
a).  Oil Spill Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.
b). Outcome of  the 16th SAARC summits.
c). Good Governance is a key to achieving inclusive growth.  
7. Answer any  one of the following questions (in about 250
words each)                                                                              30
a). Was the withdrawal of  Non Cooperation Movement
symbolized the failure of the movement ? Discuss.    
b). What were the major causes of all the civil rebellions, which
run like a thread through the first 100 yrs of British rule.
8. Write about the following (in about 20 words each)  
                                                                                       2 x10= 20                              
a). Raidas
b). Amaravati Art
c). Bhaskar I
d). Guruvayur Satyagrha
e). Futuhat i Alamgiri
f). Allasi Peddana
g). Patanjali
h). B P Wadia
i). Tibbi-i-Sikandari
j). Dadu Dayal    
9. Answer any  one of the following questions (in about 200
words each)                                                                1 x20= 20                  
a). “ Infrastructure Assets are the physical structure & networks
used to provide essential services to a society.” In this regard
discuss health infrastructure in Rural India.    
b). India has great challenge to maintain internal security. Give
some regional basis remedial features. ©VISION IAS                                                              4
10. Answer any three of the following in about 100 words.
a).  Analyze India’s achievement in information technology (IT)
sector during 2009-10.
b). Give some preventive measures to control drug addiction and
abuse in India.
(c) What are the objectives of JNNRUM mission?
(d).Community Radio can play a very importance role in
bringing about social change. Discuss the importance of
community radio for rural development.
11. Write about the following (in about 20 words   each)      
   (a) ULIPs
   (b) Jarawa Tribe
   (c) NEERI
   (d) Genome project
   (e) Operation Green Hunt
   (f) M. M. Punchi Report
   (g) Cloud Computing
   (h) Narco analysis test
   (i) Copyright Amendment Act, 2010
   (j) Computer Emergency Response Team

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  1. these questions are all in english, what about hindi medium candidates? plz suggest if there is any site in hindi for ras.